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Features: Features: Beidou + GPS dual-mode mobile terminal XLZ2501, which has the function of Beidou short message communication and achieve location notification and two-way sending and receive message by Beidou satellite navigation system. According to customer requirements , it provide Bluetooth, WIFI function, built-in 3G communication, RFID and other kinds of wireless communicative channels, enjoying voice calls, high-speed data transmission and downloading. Also, it can achieve real-time two-way communication services by the Beidou short message in the places which uncover public network, providing Beidou service in many kinds of industries such as emergency rescue, disaster relief, forest patrol, border patrol and so on. (Another: interface and application software of the terminal may need to provide a variety of customized services according to the customer) GNB2A10 vehicle-mounted VIO is a detrusive vehicle-mounted VIO designed by Jiangsu XING YU XIN LIAN Electronic Technology Co.,...
Features: Terminal Features:Ø Beidou RDSS shortmessage fuctionØ Beidou RDSStwo-way navigation and positioningØ ReportØ Threeproofings-industryØ SOS one-button rescue modeØ Large-capacity lithiumØ External ChargingØ Bluetooth wireless link
Features: Beidou RDSS marine life saving in a standard is personal distress lifesaving terminal equipment and it bases on Beidou RDSS positioning navigation systems, communications, timing function.The device is "Beidou system of maritime search and rescue drowning person " the user terminal portion which mainly used in the job scene, can automatically start work after a man overboard by Beidou RDSS satellite navigation, positioning real-time cycle, communication operations. And it supplies accurate personnel coordinates, time and other information in real time to inform the rescue center, which significantly improve the speed of rescue response in sea search andthe rate ofrescue success.basic skills:Auto Power drowningAfter drowning rescue beacon touch water electrode contact with water three seconds turned on.Compatible with manual open, manually press the "power button" for 3 seconds to boot.After the danger removed, manually press the "off button" off.Ø...
Features: 1 OverviewGNS1531 module is a shield structure module whichsupports Beidou RDSSdesigned by Jiangsu XING YU XIN LIAN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Internal module integrates LNA, RDSS high performance RF transceiver chip, 5W output power amplifier module, Beidou RDSS dedicated baseband circuit, full implementation of RDSS positioning, communication. Product is simple and convenient application, high integration, small size, low power consumption and high reliability. It can be widely used in various types RDSS Beidou navigation terminal, includingBeidou RDSS vehicle type, command type, hand-held, digital type terminal device.2 Main features² module built LNA, realize RDSS satellite signal is filtered, low-noise amplification, users do not need an external LNA, direct connection to passive antenna;² PC via the serial port of the RDSS function software upgrade;² Built-in 5W amplifier module, no external PA to meet the needs of users;² module average static power cons...
Features: Outline (PRODUCT DESCRIPTION) SG605 is a power amplifier chip for the Beidou navigation system and WLAN system application developed and it bases on gallium arsenide. This amplifier chip uses 16-pin QFN package which measure is 2.5 × 2.5 mm2.Typical Characteristic (FEATURES)n output power ≥36dBm @ Beidou pulse signal mode: Period = 1s,Width = 100ms, input power = 8dBmn output power ≥30dBm @ WLAN signal patternn High Efficiencyn controllable operating moden supply voltage (3.0 ~ 6.0V)(APPLICATIONS)n Beidou Navigation Systemn WLAN System(PACKAGES)n 2.5mm x 2.5mm x 0.7mm (QFN16L)
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System compositionThe vehicle monitoring system based on the Beidou system is a global satellite positioning system (Compass /GPS), database, geographic information system (GIS), the vehicle monitoring system of the Internet and wireless communication technology.Frame chart of vehicle monitoring system based on Beidou SystemThe logic framework of the vehicle monitoring system based on the Beidou System system function The main functions of the vehicle monitoring system based on the Beidou system are as follows:1.basic information management-Basic vehicle information-Basic information of personnel-Driver IC card management2.Traffic management Renewal Management- Registration mileage- Violation management- Refueling Management- Fuel card management- Maintenance Management- Maintena...
First, the system configurationBased on Beidou system of forest fire dispatching system mainly consists of two parts, one is the use of geographic information technology, with the establishment of a rapid flow of information, decision support forest fire fighting, mobile conferencing, and other features of the mobile command Beidou / GPS compatible forest fire interoperable command and Control system. The second is to support the establishment of a large-screen display, multi-screen motion video, a variety of screen switching to discuss forest fires statement, command and control, teleconferencing, remote monitoring, centralized control device and other functions of fighting command and control center. The center is the basic guarantee application Forest Fire Command and Control System and...
First, the system configurationBased on Beidou system of air defense command and emergency communications systems for war service, taking into account the usual emergency rescue. Air defense command network can be established with the same level or a higher level of air defense command and departments to achieve the upper and lower unified command and dispatch functions.Based air defense command and emergency communication system architecture diagram Beidou system Second, the system functionBased on Beidou system of air defense command and emergency communication system's main function is as follows:1) real-time monitoring to close the area and positioning information related to the user's machine, the short message;2) can be within the jurisdiction of the relevant user and ma...
The system is based on the user's local data server independent Compass, Compass RD separate dedicated channels of communication closed, not through a third party network, no Internet access, data security and confidentiality.Independent Network: Beidou satellite private network communication system does not rely on any ground, completely isolated from the Internet all types of risks;Signal Full coverage: weather service twenty-four hours the signal covering the whole China region, without any communications blackout;High security: random encryption system uses high-strength encryption, to achieve "secret level" document transmission standard;High reliability: Beidou satellite communications success rate, not thunderstorms, snow, earthquakes, temperature and other adverse env...
Public Security Compass application system construction initial program 1013
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 JiangsuXING YU XIN LIAN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic leading and high-tech companyin the field of satellite positioning, specializing in RF , module terminal development and marketing .Our company was founded in 2014, located in the ancient capital city of Nanjing,enjoying the geographical advantage of important national innovation base and technological innovation center of the city.


All the time, our company has been focused on providing customers with system solutions of satellite positioning navigation and communication,following with the most influential research and development team in the field of satellite communication and leading talents in the aspects of module terminal. Moreover, we have experiencedand professional team of engineers as well as high-class development test platform in the development of RF and first-class.


  Currently, our companyhas advantages of resources which is mainly for the development and manufacture of system module ofBeidou satellite navigation, with a series of module products of Beidou satellite navigation. Its main business covers many solutions such as Beidou navigation and communication system and the module of millimeter wave radar RF , Wireless Bluetooth system and so on.


  Simultaneously, our company cooperate with manymultinationals to get win-win and expand rapidly in the relevant fields. Our products are mainly used in defense equipment, marine fisheries, vehicle navigation, surveying monitoring and control, digital ports, deformation monitoring, intelligent transportation, precision agriculture and other fields.


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