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 JiangsuXING YU XIN LIAN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic leading and high-tech companyin the field of satellite positioning, specializing in RF , module terminal development and marketing .Our company was founded in 2014, located in the ancient capital city of Nanjing,enjoying the geographical advantage of important national innovation base and technological innovation center of the city.


All the time, our company has been focused on providing customers with system solutions of satellite positioning navigation and communication,following with the most influential research and development team in the field of satellite communication and leading talents in the aspects of module terminal. Moreover, we have experiencedand professional team of engineers as well as high-class development test platform in the development of RF and first-class.


  Currently, our companyhas advantages of resources which is mainly for the development and manufacture of system module ofBeidou satellite navigation, with a series of module products of Beidou satellite navigation. Its main business covers many solutions such as Beidou navigation and communication system and the module of millimeter wave radar RF , Wireless Bluetooth system and so on.


  Simultaneously, our company cooperate with manymultinationals to get win-win and expand rapidly in the relevant fields. Our products are mainly used in defense equipment, marine fisheries, vehicle navigation, surveying monitoring and control, digital ports, deformation monitoring, intelligent transportation, precision agriculture and other fields.


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