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Application Division spearheaded debriefing and Tuiyou work

Date: 2015-12-31
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December 31, 2015 the last day, sunny Applications Division office, employees usually work on swept away into the scene of intense work, a bit of a tight obediently seated, the original morning they have to carry out staff debriefing and recommended fiscal 2015 "excellent staff" work.

This is the company to improve management, enhance cohesion, accelerate the development of a summary and reflection, communication and exchange, criticism and self-criticism, encouragement and refueling work; next year the company is to further mobilize their enthusiasm and creativity, learn new things, to It provides an inexhaustible motive force for development.

"Work debriefing" For many of them it is the first time to participate. First debriefing is Purchasing Manager David procurement task he accomplished a year purchasing, outsourcing work, organize payment to less than exist in the work, the need to coordinate aspects of next year's statements were sincere.

R & D Director Applications Division Huan Dong recalled a year to develop two work history, familiar introduction to the research and development of products, a profound analysis of the lack of the development process of their own existence, and sincerely expressed to the support of my colleagues, inclusive thank! Cheng Ping production manager not only about his annual work, but also to the work of the production department, he led in-depth summary.

Software Engineer Gu Peng troops trained people, he said with deep feeling, as a new member of the company, in the company feel the warmth of home, office feel cheerful and harmonious atmosphere, Zaikuzailei heart is sweet. Versatile he created an acrostic: Compass star Yao innovation papers, the first man-crown Jinling core wire go through the electro-optical flash, associated with sky smile asked the day!

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