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Kenji fought Mid story

Date: 2015-09-30
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On September 29 before the arrival of Typhoon cuckoo, gloomy weather, Storm, there is no day before osmanthus fragrance, the Mid-Autumn moon beautiful scene. A time when the evening, the company's business applications division, which we nickname "Kenji" is still lit, approached the discovery, GE is leading the total joy of winter, Zhang Rui, CHENG Ping, Zhu sister and other research and development staff in a tight assembly plant work with, this is Kenji norm: the day before nine at night, if you are passing through the company, looked up at the second floor, Kenji offices and workshops there will be light pouring into the ground.

But some different atmosphere tonight, we bow in silence, engrossed in his work with. The original comrades were working on a number of customers need to Compass Bluetooth box. Customers say to take the red-eye at night to catch the plane back the next day to take the product back. So the crew Kenji immediate action, fully into the motherboard manufacturing and assembly work product.

This is a technology live, careless, depending on the "quality of life" of the two R & D in science and engineering man who has always been rigorous, pragmatic, hard work and known for the complete list of the pressing, urgent need effort with long and overtime play to complete. Eyes too much, and little by little drops, eyes quickly turn back to work; numb arm, wrist continues to work his legs; neck pain, and after the operation to be a stretch to work ......

This is our adorable Kenji staff! Salute you!

Take a break when the National Day of rest, relax, we continue to fight after the holiday!

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