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The customized service form of chip:We will be based on the requirements of specific indicators, designing chips to make customers satisfactory!chip typefrequency bandremarkcraftT/R RF microwave chipDC-60GHzRF Transceiver,microwave T/RmoduleCMOS,BiCMOS,GaAspower amplifier chipDC-10GHzRF microwave high power amplifierCMOS,BiCMOS,GaAs,GaNlow noise amplifier chipDC-10GHzUltra Low Noise Current AmplifierCMOS,BiCMOS,GaAs,PHEMTfrequency synthesizer chip DC-20GHzLow phase noise large bandwidth frequency synthesizersCMOS,BiCMOS,GaAs,PHEMTmodulation-demodulation chipDC-60GHzmodulator and demodulator,mixerCMOS,BiCMOS,GaAspassive chipDC-10GHzphaser,coupler,bridge,BalunCMOS,BiCMOS,GaAs
XLNM5001 Compass is a new three –system and seven –frequency OEM board product which supports Beidou satellite navigation systemfacing high-precision positioning, navigation and other field of applications and it bases on high-precision chip and board technological foundation . The board adopts the multi-system multi-frequency high-performance SoC chip - (NebulasTM 1), low-power design, the size of the hardware is compatible with mainstream OEM board providing millimeter carrier phase observations and finding accuracy of 0.2 degrees, very suitable for high measurement precision mapping and vehicle positioning and orientation applications.Features:u Support Compass B1 / B2 / B3 + GPS L1 / L2 + GLONASS L1 / L2;u superior carrier phase observations of 1mm;u Centimeter Accuracy RTK positioning...
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