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The customized service form of chip:We will be based on the requirements of specific indicators, designing chips to make customers satisfactory!chip typefrequency bandremarkcraftT/R RF microwave chipDC-60GHzRF Transceiver,microwave T/RmoduleCMOS,BiCMOS,GaAspower amplifier chipDC-10GHzRF microwave high power amplifierCMOS,BiCMOS,GaAs,GaNlow noise amplifier chipDC-10GHzUltra Low Noise Current AmplifierCMOS,BiCMOS,GaAs,PHEMTfrequency synthesizer chip DC-20GHzLow phase noise large bandwidth frequency synthesizersCMOS,BiCMOS,GaAs,PHEMTmodulation-demodulation chipDC-60GHzmodulator and demodulator,mixerCMOS,BiCMOS,GaAspassive chipDC-10GHzphaser,coupler,bridge,BalunCMOS,BiCMOS,GaAs
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