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SG804 is a multi-mode radio frequency GNSS navigation receiver chip that integrates RDSS receives the transmission, a variety of functions to receive RNSS B1 / B3 frequency of receiving GPS L1 frequency and other points. Can be applied on several occasions in the field of navigation, good compatibility, and power consumption mode can be adjusted to compensate. Low power consumption, can also increase the power consumption and ensure application performance while in the harsh environment to ensure that the chip performance and anti-jamming capability. Chip has good ESD protection. Power supply voltage is 3-5V.
Outline (PRODUCT DESCRIPTION) SG803 is our company development of the dual-channel RF chip which receive four frequency signal of GPS L1 / BD B1 + BD B2 / B3 and it bases on a CMOS process. What’s more, it supports dual-channel working independently and simultaneously. Inhibiting structure mirroring, on-chip integrated filter with ESD protection, and this chip has good linearity and anti-jamming capability. This transceiver chip uses 40-pin QFN package which measure is 5 × 5 mm2.Typical Characteristic (FEATURES)n Low intermediate frequency receiver structure n Two conversion receiver architecturen supports 10MHz, 16.32MHz crystal inputn AGC variety of control modesn analog IF and digital IF two output modes selectablen integrated LDOn Low noise figuren high transmissio...
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