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Beidou RF Chip

Date: 2016-03-14


 SG803 is our company development of the dual-channel RF chip which receive four frequency signal of GPS L1 / BD B1 + BD B2 / B3 and it bases on a CMOS process. What’s more, it supports dual-channel working independently and simultaneously. Inhibiting structure mirroring, on-chip integrated filter with ESD protection, and this chip has good linearity and anti-jamming capability. This transceiver chip uses 40-pin QFN package which measure is 5 × 5 mm2.

Typical Characteristic (FEATURES)

n Low intermediate frequency receiver structure

n Two conversion receiver architecture

n supports 10MHz, 16.32MHz crystal input

n AGC variety of control modes

n analog IF and digital IF two output modes selectable

n integrated LDO

n Low noise figure

n high transmission power


n Beidou Navigation System

n Beidou terminal module

n The vehicle-mounted, the shipborne navigation terminal

n positioning handheld terminal


n 5mm x 5mm x 1mm (QFN40L)

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