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GNS1531 Beidou RDSS 5W singlemode module shield

Date: 2016-03-14


1 Overview

GNS1531 module is a shield structure module whichsupports Beidou RDSSdesigned by Jiangsu XING YU XIN LIAN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Internal module integrates LNA, RDSS high performance RF transceiver chip, 5W output power amplifier module, Beidou RDSS dedicated baseband circuit, full implementation of RDSS positioning, communication. Product is simple and convenient application, high integration, small size, low power consumption and high reliability. It can be widely used in various types RDSS Beidou navigation terminal, includingBeidou RDSS vehicle type, command type, hand-held, digital type terminal device.

2 Main features

² module built LNA, realize RDSS satellite signal is filtered, low-noise amplification, users do not need an external LNA, direct connection to passive antenna;

² PC via the serial port of the RDSS function software upgrade;

² Built-in 5W amplifier module, no external PA to meet the needs of users;

² module average static power consumption ≤150mA@3.7V, low power consumption;

² module size of 30 × 35 × 3.5mm;

² stamp of SMD package;

² Power supply voltage: VCC_RX_BAT: 3.5V-5.2V, VCC_PA_IN: 4.9V-5.2V.


4 Technical indicators specification

The main performance index of GNM2A11 module

  • RDSSParameterParameterPerformance indexRemark
    Input VSWR≤2.0
    received signal sensitivity-127.6dBm
    transmitted power≥37dBm
    carrier suppression≥30dBc
    modulation phrase error≤3°
    location / communicationsuccess rate of location and communication≥95%in the absence of any obvious interference
    positional accuracy (continuing 24 hours):≤100m
    locking timecold start in the first time≤2s
    lost reacquisition time≤1s
    Othersoperating voltage3.5V~5.2V
    standby power≤150mA@(+3.7V)
    The power dissipation of power amplifier in transmitter≤3.5A@(+5V)instantaneous power trace
    temperature rangework-40~+85℃the range of operating temperature of SIM card-40~+60℃





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