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Beidou mobile terminal

Date: 2016-03-14
  • ZLZ2501北斗手机.png

  • Features: Beidou + GPS dual-mode mobile terminal XLZ2501, which has the function of Beidou short message communication and achieve location notification and two-way sending and receive message by Beidou satellite navigation system. According to customer requirements , it provide Bluetooth, WIFI function, built-in 3G communication, RFID and other kinds of wireless communicative channels, enjoying voice calls, high-speed data transmission and downloading. Also, it can achieve real-time two-way communication services by the Beidou short message in the places which uncover public network, providing Beidou service in many kinds of industries such as emergency rescue, disaster relief, forest patrol, border patrol and so on. (Another: interface and application software of the terminal may need to provide a variety of customized services according to the customer)


  • GNB2A10 vehicle-mounted VIO is a detrusive vehicle-mounted VIO designed by Jiangsu XING YU XIN LIAN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. which supports the function of RDSS/RNSS for vehicle-mounted communication and navigation positioning applications. GNB2A10 vehicle-mounted VIO internally integrated Beidou multi-frequency antenna, RF, baseband and control board, enabling RDSS positioning, short message communication and RNSS navigation and other functions.

  • GNB2A10 vehicle-mounted VIO has the some features such as small size, low power consumption, simple connection, convenient operation and it can be widely used in satellite communications, vehicle navigation, as well as emergency rescue and other fields.

  • 2, the technical features

  • 2.1 Features

  • All-weather two-way short message communication and navigation functions;

  • Support BDS / GPS dual-mode , ensure that navigation is more stable;

  • High degree of integration, RDSS module, RNSS module together with antenna ;

  • Waterproof design, reliable operation in outdoors;

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