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Beidou RDSS marine life saving in a standard

Date: 2016-03-14

Beidou RDSS marine life saving in a standard is personal distress lifesaving terminal equipment and it bases on Beidou RDSS positioning navigation systems, communications, timing function.

The device is "Beidou system of maritime search and rescue drowning person " the user terminal portion which mainly used in the job scene, can automatically start work after a man overboard by Beidou RDSS satellite navigation, positioning real-time cycle, communication operations. And it supplies accurate personnel coordinates, time and other information in real time to inform the rescue center, which significantly improve the speed of rescue response in sea search andthe rate ofrescue success.


basic skills:

Auto Power drowning

After drowning rescue beacon touch water electrode contact with water three seconds turned on.

Compatible with manual open, manually press the "power button" for 3 seconds to boot.

After the danger removed, manually press the "off button" off.

Ø based generation Beidou positioning system, communications, completely changed in the past dragnet search and rescue

Ø more than 72 hours of continuous work, providing ample time to rescue

  Built-in high-capacity lithium battery to ensure continuous operation of not less than 72 hours.

Ø greater than IP67 waterproof design

Ø Integrated design, small size, light weight, easy to carry

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